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Threat of a Single Prospective Session
Threat of a Single Prospective Session

Remember the good old days, where companies fitted with a solid business model would focus on improving their competitive barriers to entry to confirm their leadership and remain unchallenged on a specific market. Everyone agrees that this game is over, as innovation and disruption threaten the most solid business models.

Derive Value from Lessons Learned

Well structured companies operate with a Plan-Do-Check-Action (PDCA) process within their formalized ISO9000 process. On many occurrences, we observed that the relative weight allocated to the Plan-Do part of the process is by far disproportionate in terms of resource allocation compared to the Check-Action part. Since history tends to repeat by itself, the same causes producing the same effects, the next Plan-Do cycle benefits very little from what could have been the lessons learned from past experience.

Innovation Methodology Drives Value and Sustainability

Picture this: you're an executive of a company caring deeply about the future of your business. You know that in order to outperform any competition in this fast-paced, global environment, you need to continuously innovate. But with so many technological advancements, market trends, and customer demands to keep up with, it can be overwhelming to make the right choice when it comes to investing in innovation strategy.

Neglecting Cybersecurity, don’t be the next Travelex*

Cybersecurity: How It Can Destroy a Company's Reputation and Bottom Line.

*Jan. 2020, Travelex services were pulled offline following a malware infection. The company itself and businesses using the platform to provide currency exchange services were all affected.