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Advanced Value Global's professional services are industry or function agnostic. The company employs structures and methods that facilitate the approach to meet operational and organizational challenges. These methods make it possible to find solutions that are satisfactory to all stakeholders.



Operational Excellence
Digital Transformation
Foresight Analysis

Operational Excellence

Operational Excellence is mandatory to perform on a day-to-day basis.

Competition doesn't wait. Demonstrate your dominance with your process efficiency.

Choose the Operational Excellence

Responsible Digital Transformation

On the way towards your next steps, make the user experience easier for your customers, they will bless you for that.

Digital Transformation streamlines your interactions, eliminates unnecessary data entry, and improves data quality.

Focus your energy on your business and your added value,

Let us handle your Digital Transformation

Foresight Analysis

Future is Uncertain. Anticipate to Shape it.

Our Foresight Workshops help you Craft your Futurs. <VIDEO 1 min>

We help you verify that your Vision is Anticipatory, discover the Business Models that will be your Growth Drivers and develop the Strategy. From Vision to Execution.

Drive or Undergo ?


Advanced Value Global provides turnkey services to stretch the CXO's range. Facilitation based consulting is a way to extend the content of a workday. Let us be your wingman, "From Vision to Execution." Boards, executive management and entrepreneurs take advantage of our dedicated services for the implementation of successful solutions.

7 Question / 5 Interview diagnostic
7 Question / 5 Interview diagnostic

Have you ever felt ill and wondered how to get better?

Think about how the doctor performs. He takes the necessary tests to identify my problem, then proposes the medicines I should use and, finally, follows my results, seeking to improve my health.

Take advantage of our 7 Questions / 5 Interviews to receive an unbiased view of your organization's situation.

Quick, Efficient and Easy, our report summarizes the answers and provides a set of recommendations to propel the organization on a positive track.

Request a sharp and accurate diagnostic

Audit Pre-M&A on technology and untangible assets, including:

  • Market, commercial diligence, business model assessment and recommendations for sustainable growth,
  • Intellectual Property due diligence, including freedom of use,
  • IT organization and business continuity assessment,
  • Cyber-security evaluation,
  • IT back-office review, hardware, CRM, ERP, accounting and licenses management,
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Life Cycle Assessment ISO 14040
Life Cycle Assessment ISO 14040

Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) is an analysis of environmental impacts from cradle to grave. It is governed by ISO14040.

The Life Cycle Assessment goes from raw material extraction and processing, through the product's manufacture, distribution and use, all the way to recycling or final disposal of the materials.

Our consultants are trained to assist in relevant data collection and assessment of your dataset.

Our AI based software platform provides unbiased modeling and analysis for the purpose of generating a third party report according to ISO 14044.

A critical review is ultimately organized to consider goal settings and improvement action plan.

Have you been challenged to perform an LCA ? What's the difference between LCA and LCIA (I for Impact)?

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Challenged to perform an LCA?
Foresight workshop

The Foresight differs from the forecast by its non-linear characteristic of the possible evolutions within a company. The Foresight consists in elaborating possible futurs described by scenarios based on the analysis of internal and external data currently available. The target of Foresight is to prepare the company to unforeseen changes that will undoubtedly occur.

The resistance to change is natural in the sense that they are root of uncertainty. The projection difficulty is increased by the subjectivity of envisioned scenarios. But a resilient corporation must be able to adapt quickly in response to major changes that appear within its environment, whether geopolitical situations, technology shifts, competition, regulations, only to list some of the most critical of them.

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The Foresight work must be triggered by the specific corporation’s risk exposure. Even if impossible to be fully prepared to the unknown, the anticipated preparation of checklists reduces its risk exposure. The most resilient corporations train to learn how to face the unknown for the purpose of creating the best value from the opposite side of the crisis. « Each crisis has its counterpart in opportunities »

Advanced Value Global animates the working groups on Foresight which brings the resilience required to anticipate the future. Its position, external from the corporation, added to its experience and methodology is an excellent catalyzer of the internal capacities.

Prepare your Organization
Get Ready to face Tomorrow's Challenges
Risk Analysis
Risk Analysis

The primary purpose of Risk Analysis is to identify troublesome areas for your organization.

The Risk Analysis refers to an assessment process that identifies the potential for adverse events with potential to negatively affect your organization. Its purpose is to identify, measure, and mitigate various risk exposures or hazards.

The Risk Analysis starts with the definition of its scope, internal threats that arise from within a company, though most risks will be external, driven from outside forces.

Conducting a Risk Analysis together with our consultant unleashes the power of unbiased trigger. Take advantage of our experienced staff to handle your Risk Analysis in great confidentiality.

How does the Risk Analysis work?
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Digital Transformation
Digital Transformation

The digital revolution embraces all the companies in modifying the way people interact and consumer mobilisation. Suddenly, a major actor can be disrupted by a newbie that doesn’t use the same rules, because an extremely fast scaling with very limited resources is possible with the power of the digital. Very large frames of knowledge are becoming available almost for free, and can be organized with resources that do not require the same amount of knowledge as before.

This evolution in the way of communicating and consuming is a fantastic source of value for the companies that have identified them. Whereas digital transition makes it possible to constantly reassess changes in consumption patterns in order to adapt customer engagement models based on new technologies.

Discover our programs on the use of Artificial Intelligence for business value creation. While it has been established that AI will revolutionize the way we work, it is clear that its rational use in companies is still poorly understood.

Responsible program: According to several sources, the digital's carbon footprint worldwide is in the range of 3-4%. We take great care to optimize the digital usage to demonstrate a global carbon footprint reduction.

Advanced Value Global invents with its customers the company of tomorrow:* Learning, Agile, Resilient, Connected.*

Program management
Program management

Advanced Value Global has demonstrated skills and experience in the organization and structuration of complex programs. Starting with the definition and the review of the targets, we work jointly with the project/program teams to define clearly the requirements, setup a rigorous planification and recommend resource allocations, leading to defining the investment policy.

Internal and External risk analysis lead to suggesting a mitigation plan in accordance such as to reduce as much as possible the impact on the planification and cost. Depending on the nature of the program, a prospective work package could be suggested to anticipate the uncertainties.

Periodical reviews are organized with the teams as a vector of cross-communication and for progress review. The reporting is institutionalized within a management committee formal interacting frame.

Different types of management methods may be applicable, depending on the nature of the program. If Agile methodology is often the primary choice for its benefits in terms of reactivity and adaptability, a sequential method is recommended for complex infrastructure programs.

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Corporate strategy
Corporate strategy
  • Strategic diagnostic: From the basics, the Strategic Diagnostic creates an instant picture of our client's organization.
  • Challenge the Value Chain: With Advanced Value Global, our clients get down to the details, identify threats and weaknesses among the value chain for improved agility, resilience and sustainability.
  • Cost optimization by empowering the benefits of a Lean methodology across the organization. The digital transformation sets the conditions for a future-proof organization.
  • Embrace Innovation, not only for the sake of keeping-up with technology’s progress, but to improve efficiency and harness its value generation potential.
  • Compliance Audits
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