Venture Building

The client’s business model is purely bricks and mortars type, His only differentiator lies in fast design to market turnaround time to experiment new designs. New designs are frequently required to renew the revenue stream, very similar to the fashion business.

B2B travel bag industry
Client type
Designer, Manufacturer

Problem description

The client is looking for a disruptive idea to provide greater value to its product, with the potential to enter the subscription based model.

For a hardware vendor operating bricks and mortar type of business, operating the change isn't obvious as it requires entering into SaaS business model.

Solution delivered

Innovation creative thinking workshops have been setup to generate a flow of idea.

An RFID tag has been physically embedded into the product to set the link between the hardware and the digital platform.

A complete ecosystem has been created, pushing the complete UX design, MVP hardware and software on mobile platform.


The complete concept has been delivered. Our DevOps team including the UX designer, made a great job shaping the hardware and mobile software platform.